Cartoons games

Cartoon Games

Join the cast of your favorite films in our cartoon games collection! Play games based on all types of different cartoons, from children’s cartoons to scary action films. Re-enact key scenes, or dive into entirely new adventures! Join Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse in a Disney cartoon, or play with characters from Beyblade films. Sit in the director’s chair, and control each star. You can even play games based on hit television shows, such as the Simpsons. For a more difficult challenge, try saving Gotham City as Batman!
Enjoy an unforgettable gaming experience with superheroes from your favorite cartoons! Jump right into the action, and play our cartoon games featuring high-budget environments. Each cartoon set is completely interactive and feels just like real life! Race down the streets of Gotham City, or swing from skyscrapers in New York. Save Mary Jane as Spiderman, play with the characters of Toy Story, and cast spells as Harry Potter! Control speedy characters from Disney’s Cars, or go skateboarding with Shrek. Create the sequel you’ve been waiting for!

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