Lords Mobile – Review

Lords Mobile – Review

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Lords Mobile – Review

*The game play is absolutely amazing the community is great and I’ve been playing for about a year now and I’ve met some great friends. Although there is definitely a pay to win aspect it’s not nearly as prevalent as every other game. I havnt spent a dime on this game and I can play with literally 95% of everyone with only a small disadvantage. Absolutely great job IGG keep it up! Oh and lastly the devs are very quick to fix issues and even the live assistance is Uber quick!*

*It was incredibly, Wait is incredibly a word?Huh, let think.Nah it dosent matter. Ok we are back, it was incredibly amazing it easy to control, graphics are great. It was so cool u, (short for you) can capture leaders? I think, my memory is bad. OK! Uhhhhhhhhh, oh yeah u can join guilds. Guilds are like a clan, u are like with teamate’s u can be leader but u have to make the guild not join a guild. OK! U got that that is all i remember so yeah. That is it. BYE?????????????*

*Great game. I dont usually eeview games. Infact ive only ever review clash of clans, which i rated 5* too. If it isnt great then i dont review it. I’ve played many games from the play store and nothing has got me as hooked as this. It encourages you to join a guild and participate in guild activities which builds an online community. Although I’ve only been playing the game for a month or so, I still feel like it is the gift that keeps on giving. My advice is find a guild and enjoy the community aspect.*
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*Really fun game, you will enjoy the initial rush building up your castle. To continue your fun, find an ACTIVE guild so you can be a little social and speed your progress. Only down side is and idk why, every Chinese guild is 50x stronger than everyone else’s, and they control the various kingdoms. Expect frequent raids from them. Good game, 8/10.*

*I’ve been playing this game since July 2016. I don’t fully agree with some of the reviews which say that you need to pay in order to progress as I haven’t spent any money whatsoever and have progressed to a Level 20 castle. You just need to remember to “shield or shelter” when you go offline to protect your hero and troops. Also, although the majority of guilds are Chinese and thus very aggressive with farming other players and guilds, there are some kingdoms which are not so bad…*

*Addictive! It is one of the best strategy games I have played, the VIP system helps a lot and there is a fair game ethic. As in any other game if you pay you get to the top, with this game tho, even if you only spend $5 you will get a really good boost compared to other games. The controls is one of the lacks in my opinion, it is easy to get used to, but I believe menus in the bag could be improved, there is too much random stuff in some if them.*

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